37th Long Distance Colony Fleet was a colonization fleet lead by the 7th New Macross-class vessel, the Macross 7. Launched from Earth in 2038 and commanded by Captain Maximilian Jenius, the 37th was the second U.N. Spacy fleet to encounter the alien Protodeviln and their Varauta Army. This encounter in March 2045 marked the beginning of the Protodeviln War which ended just less than a year later in February 2046. The Fleet was also famous for being home of the Fire Bomber music group (also know as the Sound Force unit).

The long journey of a colonization fleet, which can take many years, means that it will be composed of many ships. These ships are linked to the Macross 7 mothership by the "Milky Road", a web of guidance beams enabling smaller vessels to travel safely between the larger ships. All vessels are capable of faster-than-light travel ("space fold"), though Macross 7 requires up to four hours' charging before it is capable of folding.

Fleet compositionEdit

Total fleet count is 194 large ships (of which 186 are combat ships) and 2,689 small craft.[1]

The 37th long-distance colonization fleet consisted of:

The ship-carried aircraft/spacecraft for the entire fleet consisted of approximately 1,800 x variable fighters (mostly VF-11C Thunderbolts), 600 x variable attack craft, 9 x variable bombers, 120 x electronic reconnaissance fighters, 60 x cargo plane/freight transports and 100 x liaison craft.


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