55th (Super) Long Distance Colony (Emigtant) Fleet was a colonization fleet lead by the 25th New Macross-class vessel, the Macross 25. Launched in from Earth in 2041 and commanded by Howard Glass, it became involved in the Vajra War.

The long journey of a colonization fleet, which can take many years, means that it will be composed of many ships. All vessels are capable of faster-than-light travel ("space fold").

Fleet compositionEdit

The 55th long-distance colonization fleet consisted of:

  • 1 x New Macross-class (Macross 25)
  • 1 x Macross Quarter
  • at least 4 c Guantanamo-class Stealth Carriers: Belleauwood CVR-699, Clark 2 CVR, Rakuyou CVR-670, Kaga CVR-663
  • at least 7 x Uraga-class Escort Battle Carriers: Saratoga II CV-565; Fahrion CVS-720, Velagulf CVS-707, Rakayou CVS-670, Magellan, Keiga, Vandeglift CVS-76
  • at least 8 x Northampton-class Stealth Frigates: Glendale FFM-805, Amagi FFM-860, Century FFM-796, Eden FFM-810, Arc Broom FFM-832, Furious, Bluewhale FFM-866, Starline

And a number of other vessels

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