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Similar to the AIF-7S Ghost Fighter but more in line with the discontinued X-9 Ghost, the Ghost V-9 is a high performance proof-of-technology AI aircraft that serves the primary unmanned aerial vehicle of the Macross Galaxy Fleet.


  • Beam Gun Pod
Similar to to the BGP-01β Beam Gun pod of the VF-27 Lucifer, the Ghost V-9's beam gun pod is capable of rapid fire and can destroy a VF-171 Nightmare Plus in short order.
  • Missiles


The New United Nations Spacy does not formally recognize the Ghost V-9 for deployment.

The Ghost V-9 has been seen being deployed large numbers from the Battle Galaxy and three of them have supported Brera Sterne's VF-27γ Lucifer against Alto's YF-29 Durandal, but were eventually destroyed.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Like the VF-27γ Lucifer, the mathematical trivia concerning the number three (9 is a multiple of 3 and the number of Ghost's that supported Brera), the Ghost V-9's high performance and red color scheme could all be a reference to the Red Comet, Char Aznable, who is known for piloting a red Zaku that moves three times faster than a normal Zaku.

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