Akiko Houjoh (北条アキコ Akiko Houjoh?) is a beautiful, highly-sought after music promoter in Macross 7. Her company took charge of Fire Bomber's recording and live event production.


She was born on North Château Residential Area on the Moon's surface, and led a privileged life. She was the first to recognize Basara Nekki's potential after listening to his single. She came under the possession of the Protodeviln, Sivil, and ran amuck in the city. She became quite unhinged, coming on to both Ray Loverock and Basara Nekki. After that incident, she went on to help produce many of Fire Bomber's concerts and albums. She was originally in love with Ray's best friend before he was killed in action.


Notes & TriviaEdit

  • According to character designer Haruhiko Mikimoto in "THIS IS ANIMATION SPECIAL: Macross 7", Akiko's appearance was an initial design originally intended for Veffidas Feaze.
  • Akiko also shares the same voice actress as Veffidas.
  • A Macross 7 Plus short entitled "Ray & Akiko & Stephan &…" shows the three in their younger days, vacationing at a log cabin in the countryside. Stephan took a nap inside the cabin while the two lounge outside. As they watch the sunset, Akiko reveals to Ray that Stephan proposed to her, but wanted to hear what Ray has to say about it. Ray insists that Stephan would be a good match for her as opposed to a hothead like himself. In the end, Akiko went with Stephan because he was honest with his feelings, unlike Ray.