Brera Sterne (ブレラ・スターン Burera Sutān?) was one of the few survivors of the SDFN-4 Global destruction, brother of Ranka Lee, a cyborg and an undercover agent for Macross Galaxy. He was a pilot of the VF-27γ Lucifer and had somewhat of a rivalry with Alto.


Raised as Ranka's older brother at Ranka Lee, he was one of the few survivors of the Vajra attack on SDFN-4 Global. He and Ranka got separated around that time. At some point in the past he has sustained serious injuries and was restored to life as a cyborg. His memories of past life were incomplete; he knew however how to play "Aimo", Ranka's song on his harmonica, claiming it to be the only fragment of his past he still remembers. He liked to listen to Ranka's song, describing the feeling he got from her songs as being enveloped in a universe that accepts him instead of rejecting him.

Eventually he became a Major in the Galaxy Fleet Antares Squadron where he piloted a VF-27 Lucifer. He accompanied Grace O'Connor to Macross Frontier (Spacecraft) where he was assigned to be Ranka's bodyguard. He assisted Ranka into delivering her stage 2 Vajra pet "Ai-kun" to the rest of its species. Some time later he and Ranka found the planet of origin of the Vajra. His Galaxy controller, Grace O'Connor, was able to control his action through brain implants, and acivated his slave mode, forcing him to follow her orders. In the ensuing conflict O'Connor made Brera help the Vajra by destroying Alto's VF-171EX. The explosion of a Vajra carrier nearby shattered Brera's slave circuit implant, thus freeing him from O'Connor's control. He proceeded to encourage Ranka to fight O'Connor's influence and eventually teamed up with Alto and covered him while Alto fought O'Connor.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Brera's Japanese VA Souichiro Hoshi also voiced Kira Yamato, the main protagonist of the Gundam Seed series.