Catherine Glass (キャサリン・グラス Kyasarin Gurasu?, commonly called Cathy) is a bridge officer of the S.M.S. that appears in Macross Frontier. Despite her good looks, she is dedicated to her work and has much to live up to due to being the daughter of the city's President, Howard Glass.


Prior to the events of Macross Frontier, Catherine had a romantic fling with ace pilot Ozma Lee. She is well-known as a runner up for the beauty contest, Miss Macross Frontier.

Years later, she is invited to represent her father and his government. She would also take part as a judge in the 2059 Miss Macross contest.

She joins the crew of the private military firm, S.M.S. (Strategic Military Service), and was assigned on-board the Macross Quarter. As an officer of the bridge, she faced several challenges, including the desperate rescue of refugee ships from the hostile Vajra and a full-scale attack from the Macross Galaxy. Her Captain, Jeffery Wilder, has suspicions of her loyalties, since her father is the president of the civilian government.