Chuck Mustang is a character introduced in the Macross Δ television series. Chuck is one of the members of the Delta Flight. He is a native Ragnan; his species has gills on their necks, fins on their elbows, and barnacle-like dreadlocks. He runs the fusion Chinese/Ragnan restaurant, "RaguNyanNyan", with his sister, Marianne Mustang. He also takes care of his younger siblings, Zack, Hack and Elizabeth Mustang.

Chuck's VF-31E Siegfried unit is colored in a white, orange, and gray scheme and his callsign is "Delta 3".

Personality & Character

Born on Ragna, Chuck is 24-year-old "mood maker" of Delta Flight. He's easily entertained, and no one is quicker to flirt with the ladies but they rarely respond in kind. He enjoys swimming along the many beaches of his home planet of Ragna with his family. One of his favorite activities is trying to catch the mischievous Seacats.

Along with his four brothers and sisters, Chuck runs the "RaguNyanNyan" restaurant, and loves sharing local Ragnan delicacies with his customers. He takes great pride in helping organize the annual Jellyfish festival.


Makina Nakajima

Chuck enjoys joining Makina in teasing or "setting-up" certain members of Delta Flight.

Marianne Mustang

Chuck's first younger sister. Co-manager of "Ragnyannyan" who had feelings for Messer Ihlefeld , and was distraught upon his death. She disappears upon the detonation of the reactive bomb explosion set off by the N.U.N.S. at the Protoculture ruins, but reunites with her brother after the Ragna is liberated from the Windermeran occupation.

Zack Mustang

Chuck's first younger brother.

Hack Mustang

Chuck's second younger brother.

Elizabeth Mustang

Chuck's second younger sister.


Notes & Trivia

  • When acknowledging orders, Chuck sometimes responds by saying "Uu Ra Saa!" which is probably Ragnan lingo for "Yes sir!" or "Roger that!"
  • In Macross Δ Scramble, Chuck and Isamu Alva Dyson have a special support combo bonus called "Nampa Boys". When paired up as pilots, they even have a post-mission conversation with Isamu saying that they finished in time for a date and Chuck following it up with "the girls are waiting for us!"