Earth is the homeworld of humanity and a planet in the Solar System. It is the seat of the United Nations Government and later the New United Nations Government.

History Edit

Ancient history Edit

c. ~2800 "70 years after the formation of the Protoculture Stellar Republic, 497,130 years ago": a Protoculture Survey Ship landed on Earth and genetically influenced the existing native life to spur the emergence of "mankind". Records of Earth are soon lost due to ongoing civil war within Protoculture. Humans therefore can be considered one of the "Children of Protoculture".

Modern history Edit

On 17 July 1999 a Supervision Army space ship (SDF-1 Macross) crashes into Earth. This led to Unification Wars (2001-2008), and shortly afterward Space War I (2008-2012). That war saw orbital bombardment of Earth by alien Zentradi which resulted in major loss of life. Following humanity's victory and cessation of hostilities, Earth was however still habitable enough to remain a center of human civilization, capable of launching an ongoing wave of colonization starships as part of the Human Seeding Project. It is now a powerful star nation.

Locations Edit

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