Edgar LaSalle (エドガー・ラサール Edogā Rasāru?) is a character introduced in Macross Zero. A native of the United States, North American Continent. Edgar has been serving in the United Nations Space Navy since 1999 after the outbreak of the Unification Wars as a Radar Intercept Officer.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Edgar is pretty much an easygoing fellow, acting as a foil to Shin's cold demeanor.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Edgar is a proficiant Radar Intercept Officer with type qualifications in the F-14 Kai and later the VF-0D Phoenix variable Fighter.


Edgar is introduced as Shin Kudo's RIO, operating radar system and communications in the F-14 Kai CAG of the CVN Illustria.

At this time, the Illustria is operating in the South Pacific ocean, at a position close to the Mayan Archipelago.Edgar participates as RIO with Shin in BARCAP interception of MiG-29 fighters with the F-14 Carrier Air Group (CAG).

During this battle the Illustria suffers a heavy attack, and is believed destroyed.

Shin and Edgar manage to down two enemy aircraft, before Shin's F14 and the CAG are eliminated by Nora Polyansky flying in her wine red SV-51γ Variable Fighter. Shin is the only member of the CAG to get a visual lock and take a shot versus the SV-51, but the superiority of the variable fighter is clearly too much for conventional jet fighters.

Both men manage to eject from the doomed craft, and initially Edgar's fate is not known.

Service onboard Asuka II - the Bird Human encounter, 2008Edit

After recovery, where Shin Kudo had washed up on the Mayan Islands, Edgar is returned to service (after a spell in the infirmary from which has not fully recovered when he meets Shin again), Edgar joins shin as RIO in the Skull Squadron headed by Major Roy Fokker.

Edgar and Shin then take part in the Bird Human encounter on the Mayan archipelago


Edgar and Shin get to grips with the VF-0D two seat fighter in training with Major Fokker and the Air Group. Edgar's newly recieved training in configuration data helps Shin to mature as a variable fighter pilot.

Edgar encourages Shin both in hand to hand combat with a female Marine officer onboard Asuka II in the hangar one evening, going so far as to toss Shin a broom and the admonition to 'Not lose to the Marines' which unfortunately sees Shin handily defeated despite the advantage.

After a training session with the VF-0D, both Shin and Edgar get shouted at by the head mechanic for the VF-0's for overstressing both airframes and engines of the new fighters - though he confides in their CO that this is actually something he appreciates from a pilot and RIO. Edgar at this time is visibly under stress.

On the Mayan IslandsEdit

Edgar and Shin accompany Dr. Aries Turner in her search for additional components of AFOS, the Protoculture Bird Human Mecha, on the Mayan Islands. Edgar is RIO on the blue VF-0D.

Later, Edgar provides armed escort for Dr. Turner with a Fold Sensor, acting as an armed lab assistant.

As Shin leaves with Mao Nome to see her 'treasure' Edgar then guards the VF-0D with camouflage netting. While waiting, Edgar falls asleep and mutters 'American Burger' - its known whether he wants one to eat, or if this is perhaps a musical group with this name.

A while later, Edgar collects Shin and Mao, along with the 'treasure' - the head of AFOS, the Bird Human.

During combat in the VF-0D, Edgar again is injured, this time breaking his foot. He is again confined to the infirmary of the Asuka II.

Aiding Shin and Major Fokker in rescuing Sara Nome from the Bird Human, Edgar knocks out the Catapult Officer of the Asuka with his crutch, and helps the two drone and weapons-equipped VF-0S fighters to launch from the deck of the antigravity-ensnared carrier.

Edgar asks both men to come back, and for Shin to sign his leg cast. This is the last time he was seen.


Shin Kudō

Aside from his role as RIO, Edgar also considers Shin a friend. He is actually impressed with the latter's piloting skills. Edgar is sometimes disheartened by Shin's lack of empathy, and in one conversation where the latter hesitated to answer when he asked whether his assistance was needed or not, he felt like "a loser chasing after a vibrant beauty".


Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Similarites between Edgar and Claudia LaSalle, one of the main bridge officers of the SDF-1 Macross, have often been noted by fans. Both Edgar and Claudia are African Americans, and share a last name. Unfortunately, this is where the connection ends - the surname LaSalle is widespread across Americans of all ethnic backgrounds, and there has never been any statement from Satelight identifying the family relationships between the characters, and any relationship therefore remains speculation at this time.