Ernest Johnson (アーネスト・ジョンソン Ānesuto Jonson??) is a character of the Macross Δ television series. A Χaos officer, he is the captain of the Macross Elysion.


Ernest Johnson is underdog by nature, and has a reputation of having lost 100 out of 100 battles. He once taught Gramia Nerich Windermere, while he was an officer of the New United Nations Spacy. He criticized the would-be King for being too chivalrous. Before Windermerians began their war for independence, Ernest was dismissed from his position and played no part in the conflict.

During the battle on Ragna, outmaneuvers King Gramia VI's flagship, the Sigur Valens, beating it to the Protoculture ruins on Ragna. Ernest would eventually kill Gramia after his ship, the Macross Elysion, fires its main cannon and severely damages the Sigur Valens' bridge. Ernest would also later play a pivotal role in bringing down Roid Brehm's Protoculture superweapon.

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