Freyja Wion (フレイア・ヴィオン Fureia Uion?) is one of the main characters of the Macross Δ television series. Born on the remote frontier of the galaxy, she ran away from an arranged marriage to join the tactical sound unit Walküre. Her theme color in Walküre is yellow and her catchphrase is "Music is energy!".


Freyja has short volumious peach hair with light yellow highlights and green eyes.

Like the rest of Walküre outfits, her outfit is somewhat uniformed with the other members', but with slight differences: a white collared button up shirt with a puffed sleeve on the right and a two layered sleeve on the left; white sharp V shaped edges and midnight blue sleeve for the second layer. She dons a slightly angled yellow ribbon and layers a asymmetrical small white striped blue lapel collared jacket on the top that has yellow buttons on the left side with a small pocket. On the right wrist, she has a blue cuff with white ruffled lining on the top, where one side is slightly longer than the other side. Secured with yellow buttons on the side. yellow bow on the back. Freyja styles her hair as a left half side ponytail accessorized with a small blue with small white striped bow. The color variation differs to: Blue-Yellow, Red-Yellow and Black-Blue, Black-Yellow, Black-Pink,Black-Red, Black-Teal.

Like all female Winderemeans, her rune is a heart.

Personality & Character

Freyja has a bubbly personality and great love for singing and Walküre. She says that when she sings, it makes her feel alive and makes her rune sparkle. Her favorite food are apples.She is shown to have a high fold receptor factor.

As stated by Kaname, Freyja is the type who only pulls through when the stakes are high.

Freyja sometimes speaks in a country like accent, like "Ap'ju" and "Fank you", as being raised from a village.


The mayor of her village, Ravengrass, told her that since she was 14, she should stop wasting her life away and get married to an apple farm heir. She refused, but he wouldn't allow her decision. Freyja escaped to a ship & ran away from the marriage to reach her dream.

She met Hayate Immelman after stowing aboard a vessel assuming to head to the planet Ragna, but eventually ends up on the wrong planet. (Delta: "Prologue on the Battlefield") After the Var Outbreak on Al Shahal, Hayate escorts her to planet Ragna to attend the Walküre audition. Although it seems like she failed it at first, she does in fact pass it becoming a member of Walküre. In addition to Walküre, she has cited Lynn Minmay, Fire Bomber, Sheryl Nome, and Ranka Lee as her main sources of inspiration. Freyja later makes her debut in Walküre. (Delta: "A Shocking Debut Show")

After Winderemere's declaration of war towards the United Nations Government, Chaos HQ and the public starts suspecting about whether Freyja was a spy from Winderemere. Although these rumours are later squashed. On planet Voldor, she meets the Winderemeran knights who label her a traitor and questions her reasons for singing, however she overcomes this and gains the resolve to sing to end the fighting and bring happiness to all.

Freyja has mentioned Ragna has a lot of sparkly sounds.


Hayate Immelman

Freyja seems to have feelings for Hayate, as she was jealous when she misunderstood Hayate and Mirage's relationship. (Delta: "Uncontrolled on the Edge")

Mikumo Guynemer

Freyja greatly admires Mikumo. Mikumo has criticized Freyja, saying that she can't see her feet, and that "You can't be able to fly, if you only look at the sky." Mikumo also mentions that she could feel life shining from Heinz's voice, whereas she could not feel anything like that from Freyja's singing. Despite her harshness, she is only trying to push Freyja harder, and is proud of her achievements.


Notes & Trivia

  • Freyja Wion was ranked the best female character in the July 2016 issue of NewType Magazine.[1]
  • Makina Nakajima nicknames her as Fre Fre (フレフレ Fure Fure?)
  • Winderemere Knights call her "Traitor" or "Apple Girl", the later after they meet her the first time.
  • She grow up in Winderemere, without much contact with other people, she only knew the musicians who inspired her as only musicians, unaware much of they importance in history e.g. when she asked if the "Minmay Attack" is related to Lynn Minmay, one actual common knowledge in the galaxy. [citation needed]


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