Gadget M. Chiba is an eccentric doctor with the U.N. Medical group, and was introduced in Macross 7. He excels in the studies of "Song Energy" on his personal time. He discovers that "Song Energy" is effective in treating patients who's spiritia have been absorbed and develops Song Energy-generating equipment which can be used against the Varauta army and the Protodeviln. He is one of the chief engineers behind Sound Force, a tactical unit manned by members of Fire Bomber.

He also served as a judge for the "Jamming Birds contest", where the goal was to find members for the music-based unit, Jamming Birds.

He is a rabid fan of Lynn Minmay, and keeps multiple posters and memorobilia relating to her in his room.

In 2046 he got engaged to Kim Saintlaurent.