Iwarno Gepelnitch (ゲペルニッチ Geperunitchi?, Gepelnitch, Geppernitch) is the supreme leader of the Protodeviln.

Voice artist: Yō Inoue


Geperunitch spends most of time—from his initial appearance in episode 1 of Macross 7 —acting through the human body of U.N. Spacy fleet advisor Ivano Günter. Geperunitch's human form is somewhat feminine, with a slim figure, long blonde hair, a high-pitched voice, and lips which appear as though they have dark lipstick applied. Consequently, he has been mistaken for a woman by fans in North America and Europe. However, as clearly evidenced at several points in the series, Geperunitch's human form, Ivano Günter, is male. A version of Macross 7 that has appeared in North America with English subtitles stresses the fact that Geperunitch is male in episode 3 to avoid confusion.


Geperunitch aims to implement the Spiritia Farm Project of which he has dreamed: Humans and Zentradi will be kept as cattle and harvested for their spiritia, making hunting unnecessary and, more importantly, preventing another Spiritia Black Hole from forming. This plan comes to the fore when he learns that the singing of Anima Spiritia , and in particular the band Fire Bomber , causes humans to regenerate their spiritia: he lures first the Macross 5 and then the Macross 7 fleets to an Earth-like planet (dubbed Lux by the crew of the former fleet), intending to trap and corral them there. Although the planet is ultimately destroyed, he has by this time transported the citizens of Macross 5 back to Varauta IV, intending to capture and use the band to create an endless supply of spiritia. His real Protodeviln form reemerges at the end of the series, but having fed on Anima Spiritia it begins to grow out of control into the very thing Geperunitch feared: another Spiritia Black Hole.

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