Heinz Nehrich Windermere (ハインツ・ネーリッヒ・ウィンダミア Haintsu Nērihhi Uindamia?) aka Heinz II (ハインツ2世 Haintsu Nisei?) is a character from the Macross Δ television series and the prequel manga White Knight of the Black Wing. He is prince of the Kingdom of the Wind and son of King Gramia VI, as well as the half-brother of the Aerial Knight Keith Aero Windermere. Heinz is a "Wind Singer" and the primary source of the Var Syndrome outbreaks. He would later be the first Wind Singer to be crowned King.

Heinz's singing voice is by Melody Chubak, and his signature song is Aura Sala ~Hikaru Kaze~, otherwise known as the Song of the Wind.


Heinz is the young prince of the Kingdom of the Wind, and son of Gramia Nerich Windermere. His half-brother, Keith Aero Windermere, has sworn to protect him. He is a "Wind Singer", descended from the original Wind Singers of the Protoculture. His songs are capable of controlling those infected by the Var Syndrome, but using his powers in such way takes a toll on his body, raising concerns regarding his health.

Heinz always wished for the end the war as soon as possible. After his father, King Gramia VI is killed while aboard the the Sigur Valens, Heinz is crowned king; the first Wind Singer after more than a hundred fifty years.  He entrusts the war effort to Chancellor Roid Brehm, but is later horrified after his singing is used to wipe out New United Nations Spacy officer Laurie Maran's entire fleet while it was near Windermere IV's orbit. Roid breaks his allegiance to the young king, prompting Keith to take action against his former friend. The two are killed after an intense battle aboard Roid's superweapon. Following the failure of Roid's coup, Heinz orders the withdrawal of all his forces.

Notes & TriviaEdit

In Macross Δ Scramble, Heinz is the only singing support character for the Windermere side, and his support skill also has the distinction of having the shortest effective duration out of all the singers in the game.

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