Henry Gilliam (ヘンリー・ギリアム Henrī Giriamu?) is a character that appears in the Macross Frontier television series. He was part of Strategic Military Services' Skull Squadron and was Ozma Lee's second in command.


He loses his life while defending the Macross Frontier fleet in the first Vajra attack of 2059, after being crushed in the hands of a Vajra invader. Bystander, Alto Saotome, takes his VF-25 Messiah variable fighter and defends the colony. (F: "Cross Encounter")

After Ozma meets Alto at a hospital being tested (as he's had an encounter with aliens), he invites him to the SMS HQ, where SMS members corner Alto, demanding he tells them how their beloved comrade died.

  • Alto discovers why Ozma really brought him to the SMS HQ, to interrogate him on Henry's death.
  • The belongings of his dead comrade, Henry Gilliam.
  • "Hey!" *Ozma turns around* "Let me... Let me pilot a Valkyrie!"
  • *Ozma punches Alto* "Damm you! Don't get carried away, you brat! Someone! Lock this kid up in the safe area!"