The Inertia Store Converter (ISC) is a technological system that reduces the forces of gravitational acceleration (G) that a Variable Fighter and it's pilot experience. It is also known as an Inertia Buffer

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

The Inertia Store Converter, ISC or otherwise known as an inertia buffer, is a device or system that links to a Variable Fighters EX-Gear to ease and reduce the forces of gravitational acceleration (G-Forces) that a high-output Variable Fighter and it's pilot suffer during combat maneuvers.

The ISC works essentially by temporary converts and stores excess inertia or g-forces, which exceed the limits of the pilot's body and the Variable Fighter's airframe, into dimensional distortion field energy. The ISC slowly returns the inertia/g-forces over time thus reducing the strain experienced by both the pilot and the Variable Fighter.

As the limiting factor of acceleration is less of an issue, this allows a human pilot to at last realize the full potential of their variable fighter, beyond the normal limits of manned combat maneuvering.


As Variable Fighters become faster and more powerful they and their pilots experience greater amounts gravitational acceleration when performing combat maneuvers, This puts a great strain on the pilot and airframe of the Variable Fighter, a major hazard for the health and integrity of both. To solve this problem, the YF-24 Evolution was created with the ISC; as Variable Fighters derived from the YF-24, the VF-25 Messiah and the VF-27 Lucifer also make use of the ISC.

Notes & TriviaEdit


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