Kaname Buccaneer (カナメ・バッカニア Kaname Bakkania?) is a character from the Macross Δ television series. She is the 22-year-old leader of the tactical sound unit Walküre.[1]

Her catchphrase is "Music is Life" (歌は命 Uta wa Inochi). She is nicknamed "Kana-Kana" (カナカナ) by Makina Nakajima.

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Kaname is the oldest and most experienced member of the tactical sound unit Walküre. She acts as the 'big sister' of the team and manages schedules and mission briefings.

Kaname is usually seen socializing with Arad Mölders, leader of Delta Flight, which has led to speculation about the true nature of their relationship. Meanwhile, her attitude towards ace pilot Messer Ihlefeld slowly changes through the course of the series, leading the two to share a deep mutual respect for one another.


Kaname is originally from the planet Divide, which was ravaged by years of civil war. Despite growing up in such a harsh environment, she dreamed of singing and eventually débuted as a solo artist. She performed for several years before being recruited by the private military contractor Xaos after they discovered latent fold receptors in her singing voice.

She became the first member of Walküre alongside a young hacker named Reina Prowler and in 2064, recruited Makina Nakajima, Claire Paddle and Lydie LeGrand to combat the early Var Syndrome infections. Lydie quit midway through the lessons. Kaname assumed the role of lead vocalist of Walküre but due to the experimental nature of the group and arguments between Makina and Reina, their efforts would prove fruitless. Lady M would soon lay down an ultimatum for the Walkure: If they fail in the next operation, they would be disbanded.

Things started to look up when Arad Molders suggested that Delta Flight should coordinate with the group via air shows and other things. Makina also designed costumes for them. Their subsequent missions would be successful, and in Planet Alfheim, Kaname met Messer Ihlefeld, who was grateful to her for saving his life.

Sadly, Claire Paddle would later quit the group because of stress.

Though Kaname would continue to act as the leader of the group, she lost her position as lead vocalist when Xaos introduced the mysterious Mikumo Guynemer. AXIA~Daisuki de Daikirai~ was the last song Walküre recorded before Mikumo's début.

In 2067, Xaos announced they were holding an audition to recruit a new member for Walküre on the planet Ragna. Kaname and the rest of Walküre were on a routine patrol mission on the planet Al Shahal when a Var outbreak began on Shahal City. A strike force led by the Aerial Knights launched a sneak attack on the planet's defense forces. During the battle, Kaname detected Freyja Wion's unusual singing ability. Freyja and her companion, Hayate Immelman, miraculously survived the battle and were debriefed by her and Delta Flight. Kaname then recommended Freyja try out for the auditions being held on Ragna. Freyja took her to her word and some time later, joined Walküre.

As the conflict with Windermerians progressed, Kaname discovered ace pilot Messer Ihlefeld occasionally suffered Var Syndrome attacks that he barely managed to contain by listening to her last song on a special bracelet music player. This prompted a change in Kaname's demeanor towards Messer, who never really considered her feelings towards him. His untimely death at the hands of Keith Aero Windermere made her realize that she cared about him more than she first realized. She kept his music bracelet as a memento.


Arad Mölders

Kaname has a close working relationship with Arad, though nobody has ever confirmed if the couple were romantically involved.

Messer Ihlefeld

Two years prior to the events of Macross Delta, Messer became infected by the Var during an operation on the planet Alfheim, but was "saved" after listening to AXIA~Daisuki de Daikirai~, a song sung by Kaname, who was the leader of Walküre at the time. Since that incident, Messer carried a special 'song bracelet' that would only play AXIA, as a means of containing the virus. When Messer joined Delta Flight, he made sure to protect Kaname from harm.

Mikumo Guynemer

Kaname was awestruck the moment she heard Mikumo sing. She was relieved that she no longer had to bear the burden of being the lead vocalist of the group. The two have since maintained a professional relationship.

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  • Kiyono Yasuno also voices Natsuki Kimura in The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls.


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