Leon Sakaki (リオン・榊?)is the protagonist of the Macross 30: The Voice that Connects the Galaxy video game.

Personality & CharacterEdit

On the surface, Leon is generally a wisecracking happy-go-lucky person. In the cockpit of a Variable Fighter however, he is all business. Leon prides himself in being a professional.

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Originally a pilot for the SMS Sefeera branch, Leon was assigned to Uroburos on a mission, suddenly assaulted by unknown VFs. Though he was able to fend them off, his YF-25 was critically damaged and had no choice but to make an emergency landing on the planet, where he was rescued by SMS Uroburos branch head Aisha Blanchette. Though his unit was repaired, Leon could not return to Sefeera because Fold Faults known as "Uroburos Aurora" have manifested around the planet. With no other options but to wait it out or find a way to stop the phenomenon, Leon finds himself under the temporary supervision of Aisha.


Mia Sakaki

Leon's little sister who passed away during an armed conflict in their home planet Sefeera two years ago. Up to now he still blames himself for letting her join the SMS, leading to her demise.

Mina Forte

Leon becomes protective of Mina after finding her in a ruin in Uroburos because she resembled his late sister Mia. Whether it develops into love depends on the player.

Aisha Blanchette

Leon's temporary boss in Uroburos. While he gets a little annoyed at Aisha's bratty attitude, he's impressed at her skills in making replica VFs. Whether it develops into love depends on the player.


Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Leon's call sign "Siegfried 1" would later become the designation of a successor variant of his YF-30, the VF-31 Siegfried.


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