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Luca Angelloni (ルカ・アンジェローニ Ruka Anjerōni) was a SMS variable fighter pilot  Alto Saotome's junior classmate at Mihoshi Academy, and the Heir of the LAI Corporation, which had a Research branch in Macross Frontier (Spacecraft) fleet.

Appearance and skills Edit

Luca had auburn hair and dark eyes. His Academy uniform was a variant consisting of a white collared shirt with a hood at the back, a green tie with yellow stripes, brown thigh-high shorts with a black belt, white knee-socks with his family's emblem on the side, and black dress shoes

He was very skilled with computers and electronics in general.

Biography Edit

He had romantic feelings for his classmate, Nanase Matsuura. Like his upper classmates, Alto Saotome and Michael Blanc, Luca was on the pilot training course at Mihoshi Academy. All three were assigned to be back up performers at Sheryl Nome's first concert at the Frontier. When the Vajra attacked, interrupting the concert, Luca and Michael were called to battle stations as they were variable fighter pilots, part of the Skull Squadron led by Ozma Lee in the SMS. Until that time they hid their SMS affiliation from their classmate, Alto.

In SMS he piloted RVF-25 (reconnaissance version of VF-25). His fighter was serviced by three pet Ghost Drones (which he called Simon, John and Peter) that responded to his verbal commands. His penchant for naming objects with Biblical names extended to his EX-Gear, which he calls "Samson".