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Luca Angelloni (ルカ・アンジェローニ Ruka Anjerōni) is an SMS variable fighter pilot and Alto's junior classmate at Mihoshi Academy.

He is the Heir of the LAI Corporation. which has a Research branch in Frontier fleet.

It is not stated why Luca is employed as a SMS fighter pilot. but as the series progress. it can be assumed that LAI corporation contracted SMS to test their latest VF-Messiah series and had Luca assigned as one of the pilots to liaise and oversee the testing and prevent the leaking technologies to other rival corporations such as General Galaxy.

Macross FrontierEdit

Like his Senpai, upper classmates, Alto Saotome and Mikhail, Luca is on the pilot training course at Mihoshi Academy, all three were asigned to be back up performers at Sheryl's first concert at the Frontier. When the Vajra attacked, interupting the concert, Luca and Mikhail were called to battlestations as they were variable fighter pilots, part of the Skull Squadron led by Ozma Lee in the SMS, they hid their occupation from their classmate, Alto. Luca sees his sempai show off his skills and saving his captain's sister among the devastation caused by the Vajra.

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