Macross 5 (NMCV-005) was a New Macross-class ship launched from Earth some time in the 2030s.[1] The ship has been taken over by Protodeviln in 2045 shortly after the fleet has discovered planet Rax.

This ship's fleet was mostly comprised of Zentradi. Soon after discovery of Rax, Macross 5 fleet makes contact with the Macross 7 fleet, informing it that it has found a suitable planet to inhabit. However, soon the Macross 7 fleet loses all contact with the Macross 5. Arriving at Rax, they find the whole Macross 5 fleet decimated, but oddly few dead bodies are found. They assume that the people of the Macross 5 fleet were in fact taken captive by the Protodeviln.(Macross 7)

The ship crew and colonists have been turned into either brainwashed soldiers in the Varauta Army or into living batteries, imprisoned on Varauta.(Macross 7)


  1. since the first New Macross class was launched in 203

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