Macross 7: Encore (マクロス7 アンコール) OVA consists of 3 unrelated episodes set in the original Macross 7 animated series timeline.


  • It is speculated that the story of Macross 7: Encore takes place between episode 39-42 of Macross 7. The first episode, 'Fleet of the Strongest Women', the Macross 7 fleet encountered a fleet of uncultured Meltlandi led by Chlore (also translated as Kurore), an ace pilot rivalled by Milia Fallyna Jenius.
  • The second episode, 'On Stage', details the story behind Basara Nekki, Ray Lovelock and Veffidas Feaze and describes how the rock band, Fire Bomber, was formed.
  • Lastly, the third episode, 'Which One Do You Love?', Milia Fallyna Jenius thinks that she is dying due to her micronization, and thus desires to fulfill her last objectives before she 'departs'.