Macross 7th Chord (マクロス7thコード Makurosu Sebunsu Kōdo?) is a manga first published in early 2009 in Macross Ace by Kadokawa Shoten. It is set in 2053, seven years after the events of Macross 7, and is about two young women joining a special task force headed by Maximilian Jenius. One notable thing about this manga was the appearance of the variable fighter, VF-9 Cutlass, which was first seen in the Dreamcast game, Macross M3.


Seven years after the conflict with the Protodeviln, Maximilian Jenius recruits a young girl named Mio Levinas, daughter of a former Death Metal artist now classical music lover, to join Project M. She pilots a customized VF-9 Cutlass equiped with a special piano control system. With her is Lana, pilot of the Konig Orgel, a customised VB-6 König Monster with 13 speaker pod firing barrels.


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