Macross Ace (マクロスエース Makurosu Ace) was a Macross-centric manga magazine, first published on on January 26, 2009 by Kadokawa Shoten. The magazine specialized in Macross-related manga, light novels, interviews, music, game and figures. Since 2011, the magazine has been put on an indefinite hiatus.

The publication was notable for its adaptation of Super Dimension Fortress Macross, entitled Super Dimensional Fortress Macross THE FIRST, written by Haruhiko Mikimoto (the original character designer & graphic art director of the series). The magazine also contained an original story set during the events of Macross Frontier known as Macross F ~Secret Visions~ and a Macross 7 spinoff called Macross 7th Chord by Akira Kano.



Ever since the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross aired on Japanese television in 1982, the Macross franchise has expanded with several TV series, theatrical films and OVAs. The publisher stated there was enough variety in content to publish something in the vein of Monthly Shonen Ace or its sister magazine, Gundam Ace. The first volume was released in January 2009, while the second was released in June, 2009, and the third was was launched in November 2009.

In 2010, the subsequent volumes were released in March, June, September and December.

The original price until the third volume was 480 yen (457 yen without tax), but the price increased following the fourth volume at 540 yen (514 yen without tax).


  • Macross THE FIRST was considered to be the highlight of the magazine. This "reboot" was designed from the group up by series' character designer Haruhiko Mikimoto. His art also graced the cover.
  • Macross 7th Chord was spinoff story, set seven years after the events of Macross 7, and featured two young female protagonists, and was written and drawn by Akira Kano.
  • Macross F Secret Vision is set during the events of Macross Frontier.
  • The magazine also featured a four-panel "Zentran-bento Macross-style" comic by Akiba Iron Works.
  • Interviews with creators and voice cast, including one with mechanical designer Kazutaka Miyatake.
  • The latest information regarding Macross-related video games, plastic model kits, and several full-colored promotional ads.


  • The magazine had around 270 pages, with an overall circulation of 12 million copies.
  • Macross THE FIRST actually moved to another magazine, Newtype ACE.
  • The eighth volume was released on March 2011. No further issues of Macross Ace has since been released.


Main authorsEdit

  • Macross THE FIRST (Haruhiko Mikimoto)
  • Zentran-bento Macross-style (Akiba Iron Works)
  • Macross 7th Chord (Akira Kano)
  • Macross F Secret Vision (Okiura)
  • Ultra student council president Sheryl (Gerotan)
  • Idol's life is hard F (Kaohsiung Ukyo)
  • Macross Plus (UGE)

One-shot comicsEdit

  • Extra edition Macross F ( Hayato Aoki ) Vol.001,005
  • Embracing Macross F, to the Ends of the Galaxy. (Mizushima Sora) Vol.001
  • New Edition Macross 7 trash digest (Haruhiko this Miki) Vol.003
  • Lucky ☆ Star ( Bi-sui and Kagami ) Vol.003
  • Macross F Rankanooto (Hirabuki Masahiro) Vol.004
  • Macross 7 Sunny Flower of the longest day (Kobayashi Kosuke) Vol.004
  • Macross F SMS ☆ story ( Kori-do Ryo two ) Vol.005
  • Pine Pine Pine (Hirabuki Masahiro) Vol.006
  • Itsuwari iodine Say!? (Hirabuki Masahiro) Vol.007
  • The Kattobase Macross (Takehigashi So哉) Vol.007
  • Macross Triangle Frontier of the "dream" school mode "scramble Ver (Toda HiKon, cooperation: Namco Bandai) Vol.008
  • Bride Overflows (Hirabuki Masahiro) Vol.008
  • MACROSS THE FIRST CONTACT (Yudzuka Masanaru) Vol.008
  • Number Maniakusu (Taichi Yong) Vol.008


  • Road stick of May'n !!!
  • Nakajima love of MY Love TEM
  • Noboru Ishiguro of Okubo neighborhood communication
  • Noriko Ohara of Pine salad anniversary
  • It intends Bajuranbo ( Yuichi Takahashi )

Other articlesEdit

  • Macross Goods News
    • Plastic, superalloy, figures, trading cards, prize, apparel goods as seen on the Macross page.
  • Why What Macross!
    • We want to explain the setting of "Macross THE FIRST", by Namikokorozashi Motoyasushi, with paintings by Yudzuka Masanaru.
  • Macross 7 Outline (Macross 7th Chord)
    • Commentary and four-frame comic of "Macross 7 and "Macross 7th Chord". Text, cartoon by Narumi Yamamoto.
  • And "speak!" by anime critic Ryusuke Hikawa
    • Critic, Hikawa Ryusuke according to the commentary-commentary on the "Macross".
  • MACROSS Informal × Machine MECHATRONICS
    • Dr. Chiba from Macross 7 gets to interact with the female cast members of Macross Frontier in short 4-panel comics, which began in Volume 3. Meant to replace another comic featuring Klang Klang lecturing about the series.
  • Yack Deculture Communication

Fan art and fan interaction page.


  • Macross F Novel (Kodachi Ukyo)


  • Hidetaka Tenjin ("Macross Zero", "Macross F", mechanical designer)
  • Haruhiko Mikimoto ("Macross", "Macross II" character design, "Macross 7" original character designer)
  • Yuichi Nakamura ("Macross F", Alto Saotome)
  • May'n (Sheryl Nome)
  • Megumi Nakajima (Ranka Lee)
  • Shoji Kawamori (Series creator)
  • Mari Iijima (Lynn Minmay)
  • Yoko Kanno ("Macross Plus , "Macross Frontier", composer)
  • Junya Ishigaki ("Macross Zero"," "Macross F" mechanical designer)
  • Hiroshi Kamiya ("Macross F", Michael Blanc)
  • Jun Fukuyama ("Macross F", Luca Angers Roni)
  • Katsuyuki Konishi ("Macross F", Ozma Lee)
  • Sugita Tomokazu ("Macross F", Leon Mishima)
  • Kazutaka Miyatake ("Macross", mechanical design)
  • Ichiro Itano ("Macross", animation director)


  • The publication had an inexperienced staff, which made publishing it very difficult.