Macross Frontier (マクロスF(フロンティア) Makurosu Furontia?) is 2008 anime television series animated by Satelight. It is set over a decade after Macross Dynamite 7. It aired in Japan on MBS from the 3rd April, 2008 to the the 25th September, 2008. A pre-broadcast airing, called Macross Frontier Episode 1 Cross Encounter Deculture Edition (マクロスF 第1話「クロース・エンカウンター」 デカルチャーエディション?) showcasing a preview version of the first episode aired on the 23rd December, 2007. The series also received its satellite television premier in Japan on Animax on the 7th April, 2008.

The series was adapted into two movies; Macross Frontier Movie: The False Songstress and Macross Frontier Movie: The Wings of Goodbye which later got their own side-story, Macross FB7 Galaxy Flow Soul: Listen to My Song!.


There was once a war between mankind and a race of giants called Zentradi. Mankind, threatened with extinction during their first battle with extraterrestrial life, sought out their future by advancing into the great Outer Space, and departed for the farthest reaches of the galaxy in search of a new frontier. In the year AD 2059, the 25th Giant Immigration Fleet, also known as Macross Frontier, continued its great voyage toward the centre of the galaxy...


Macross Frontier Blu ray02:11

Macross Frontier Blu ray

As the series begins, during a mission to an unexplored asteroid belt a reconnaissance New U.N. Spacy (N.U.N.S.) VF-171 is destroyed by extremely powerful and fast insectoid biomechanical alien mecha known as the Vajra (バジュラ), which immediately begin their attack on the rest of the fleet. Unable to stop the new enemy threat, the N.U.N.S. Colonial Defense Forces authorizes the deployment of a private military provider organization called S.M.S. (Strategic Military Services), which utilizes the new VF-25 Messiah variable fighter to combat the alien menace.

Like other instalments of the Macross universe, the story mainly revolves around a trio of characters, including Alto Saotome, a young pilot who joins the S.M.S just after the invasion begins, Sheryl Nome, a famous singer known as the "Galactic Fairy," and Ranka Lee, a teenager aspiring to be a singer herself, that form a love triangle.


The new show celebrates the 25th anniversary of the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross TV series (1982–1983), and is chronologically subsequent to Macross 7 (1994–1996). This third TV series introduces Earth's latest main variable fighter, the VF-25 Messiah (メサイア)[3] and a new ship called the Macross Frontier. The show retains the signature space opera theme consistent with all series set in the Macross universe (which intertwine musical numbers with fast-paced variable fighter-combat). New episodes aired weekly on the MBS network Thursdays at 25:55, and on the TBS network Fridays at 25:55 (the 24+ hour clock is a common Japanese TV broadcast notation). Three separate manga adaptations have been running in Shōnen Ace and Comp Ace, since February 2008, April 2008, and July 2008, respectively.

On the Macross timeline, the story is set in 2059, 47 years after the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross, 19 years after Macross Plus, and 14 years after the story of Macross 7. The series features the 25th New Macross-class Colonial Fleet, dubbed the Macross Frontier, en route to the galactic center. This heavily-populated interstellar fleet (consisting of numerous civilian vessels and their military escorts) contains a makeup of both human occupants and their Zentradi allies. As such, many of the Macross Frontier's companion vessels appear to merge more metallic Human designs with organic Zentradi aesthetics. Macross Frontier '​s plot explores a combination of action/political intrigue/space drama more than previous Macross series have done in the past.


  1. Cross Encounter
  2. Hard Chase
  3. On Your Marks
  4. Miss Macross
  5. Star Date
  6. Bye Bye Sheryl
  7. First Attack
  8. High School Queen
  9. Friendly Fire
  10. Legend of Zero
  11. Missing Birthday
  12. Fastest Delivery
  13. Memory of Global
  14. Mother's Lullaby
  15. Lost Peace
  16. Ranka Attack
  17. Goodbye, Sister
  18. Fold Fame
  19. Triangler
  20. Diamond Crevasse
  21. Azure Ether
  22. Northern Cross
  23. True Begin
  24. Last Frontier
  25. Your Sound



Mihoshi Academy

Strategic Military Services

Skull Squadron

Macross Quater

Pixie Team

New United Nations Government

New United Nations Spacy



New United Nations Spacy

Strategic Military Services


Soundtrack (in VOCAL)

See also: List of Macross Frontier albums

Songs Composer Lyrics Arrangement Debut Vocals
"Triangler" (トライアングラー?) Yoko Kanno Gabriela Robin Yoko Kanno Opening Theme, Episode 19 (ED) Maaya Sakamoto
"Ai Oboete Imasu ka" (愛・おぼえていますか Do You Remember Love??) Kazuhiko Kato Kazumi Yasui Yoko Kanno Deculture edition Ending Theme, Episode 12 (ED), 18 Megumi Nakajima
"Aimo" (アイモ?) Yoko Kanno Gabriela Robin Yoko Kanno Episode 1, 3, 7 (ED), 8, 12, 14 (Ranshe & Ranka), 18, 21, 23, 24, 25 (Ranshe) Megumi Nakajima, Maaya Sakamoto (episodes 14 & 25)
"Aimo ~ Tori no Hito" (アイモ~鳥のひと Aimo ~Bird Human?) Yoko Kanno Gabriela Robin, Maaya Sakamoto Yoko Kanno Episode 10 (ED) Megumi Nakajima
"Diamond Crevasse" (ダイアモンド クレバス?) Yoko Kanno hal Yoko Kanno First Ending Theme, Episode 6, 7, 20 (ED) May'n
"Iteza☆Gogo Kuji Don't be late" (射手座☆午後九時Don't be late Sagittarius☆9pm Don't be late?) Yoko Kanno Dai Satō, hal, Maiku Sugiyama, Gabriela Robin Yoko Kanno Episode 1, 7, 24 May'n
"What 'Bout My Star?" Yoko Kanno hal Yoko Kanno Episode 1, 5 May'n
"Totsugeki Love Heart" (突撃ラブハート Charge! Love Heart?) Junki Kawauchi K. Inojo Junki Kawauchi Episode 2 Fire Bomber
"SMS Shoutai no Uta ~Ano Musume wa Alien" (SMS小隊の歌~あの娘はエイリアン SMS Platoon's Theme ~That Girl is an Alien?) Yoko Kanno Shōji Kawamori Yoko Kanno Episode 4 SMS Platoon
"Watashi no Kare wa Pilot -MISS MACROSS 2059-" (私の彼はパイロット My Boyfriend is a Pilot?) Kentarō Haneda Akane Asa Yoko Kanno, Hisaaki Hogari Episode 4 Megumi Nakajima
"What 'Bout My Star?@Formo" Yoko Kanno hal Yoko Kanno Episode 5 (Ranka), 15 (Sheryl & Ranka), 19 (Ranka) May'n, Megumi Nakajima
"Uchū Kyōdaibune" (宇宙兄弟船 Spaceship of Brothers?) Yoko Kanno Hiroshi Ichikura Yoko Kanno Episode 5 Ichiro Dokugawa
"Infinity" (インフィニティ?) Yoko Kanno Yūho Iwasato Yoko Kanno Episode 7 ("Infinity #7" version), 15 May'n, Megumi Nakajima
"Ninjin Loves You Yeah!" (ニンジーン Loves you yeah! Carrot loves you yeah!?) Yoko Kanno Hiroshi Ichikura Yoko Kanno Episode 8 Megumi Nakajima
"Neko Nikki" (ねこ日記 Cat Diary?) Yoko Kanno Hiroshi Ichikura Yoko Kanno Episode 9, 11 (ED), 12 Megumi Nakajima
"Chōjikuhanten Nyan-Nyan" (「超時空飯店 娘娘」 "Super Dimension Chinese Restaurant Nyan-Nyan"?) Yoko Kanno Hiroyuki Yoshino Yoko Kanno Episode 1 (Lynn Minmay), 11 & 15 (Ranka Lee) Mari Iijima, Megumi Nakajima
"Seikan Hikou" (星間飛行 Interstellar Flight?) Yoko Kanno Takashi Matsumoto Yoko Kanno Episode 12, 15, 17 (OP), 18, 19 Megumi Nakajima
"Welcome To My Fanclub's Night!" Yoko Kanno hal Yoko Kanno Episode 15 May'n
"Diamond Crevasse 50/50" Yoko Kanno hal Yoko Kanno Episode 15 May'n & Megumi Nakajima
"Aimo O.C." Yoko Kanno Gabriela Robin, Maaya Sakamoto Yoko Kanno Episode 16, 20 Megumi Nakajima
"Northern Cross" (ノーザンクロス?) Yoko Kanno Yūho Iwasato, Gabriela Robin Yoko Kanno 2nd Ending Theme (First appearance in Episode 16), 22, 25 May'n
"My Soul For You" Yoshiki Fukuyama K. Inojo Junki Kawauchi Episode 17 Fire Bomber
"TRY AGAIN" Yoshiki Fukuyama K. Inojo Yasuyuki Tanaka Episode 17 Fire Bomber
"Lion" (ライオン?) Yoko Kanno Gabriela Robin Yoko Kanno 2nd Opening Theme (First appearance in Episode 18) May'n & Megumi Nakajima
"Shinkū no Diamond Crevasse" (真空のダイアモンド クレバス Empty Diamond Crevasse?) Yoko Kanno hal Yoko Kanno Episode 20 May'n
"Ao no Ether" (蒼のエーテル Azure Ether?) Yoko Kanno Maaya Sakamoto Yoko Kanno Episode 21 (ED) Megumi Nakajima
"Anata no Oto" (アナタノオト Your Sound?) Yoko Kanno Anju Mana Yoko Kanno Episode 19, 20, 25 Megumi Nakajima
"Yousei" (妖精 Fairy?) Yoko Kanno Anju Mana, Gabriela Robin Yoko Kanno Episode 22 May'n
"Ai Oboete Imasu ka ~ bless the little queen" Kazuhiko Kato Kazumi Yasui Yoko Kanno Episode 24, 25 Megumi Nakajima
"Nyan Nyan Service Medley" Featuring: Lion, Infinity, Watashi no Kare wa Pilot, Diamond Crevasse, Seikan Hikou, What 'Bout My Star?, Lion, Ai Oboete Imasu ka, Lion, Aimo (娘々サービスメドレー?) Yoko Kanno Gabriela Robin, Yūho Iwasato, Dai Satō, hal, Kazumi Yasui Yoko Kanno Episode 25 May'n, Megumi Nakajima & Maaya Sakamoto
"Triangler (fight on stage)" Yoko Kanno Gabriela Robin Yoko Kanno Episode 25 (ED) May'n & Megumi Nakajima


  • A recurring theme is the number 25, this is because the series commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Macross franchise. Examples are:
    • 25 episodes
    • The airdate of the final episode, September 25.
    • It was on at 1:25 AM (25:25 on some Japanese TV clocks).
    • The setting is the 25th migration fleet.
    • The main mecha series is the VF-25 Messiah.
    • Ranka is quarter (25%) Zentradi.
    • The "Macross Quarter," so called as it is 25% the size of the SDF-1 Macross.
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