Macross Perfect Memory is a 260 Japanese-language book first published in 1984. The book had a second edition in 1986. It is considered a canon source for Super Dimension Fortress Macross series.

Chapters: Visual Story, Outside Story, Combat Action, Miss Macross, The Character of Macross, The Mechanic of Macross, The Art of Macross, Story Boards, The Making of Macross, Staff Comments.

The Visual Story and Outside Story are a 68 color pages summary of the original Macross-series 36 episodes (Visual Story covers first 24 episodes, and Outside Story, the following 12). The rest if a 146 pages of character, mecha, and background pictures and background information.Combat Action section shows animation cells used for action scenes. Miss Macross section contains illustrations of female characters. he Character of Macross section has character sketches, while the Mechanic of Macross has ships and mecha sketches. The Art of Macross has concept artwork for characters. Story Board has some manga-like story boards, and the final section has some content from the animation staff and voice actors.

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