Mao Nome (マオ・ノーム Mao Nomu?) is main character in Macross Zero and also appears in Macross Frontier.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Mao is a cheerful and hyperactive girl, a stark contrast to her sister, Sara Nome.



Though she has sufficient knowledge of Mayan Island customs, she longs to leave someday, curious about the sights and sounds of the modern world.


Mao does not appear formally in Macross Frontier, but is now well-known as one of the pioneer researchers of the Protoculture.

Along with Ranshe Mei and Grace O'Connor, Mao authored a thesis about the treatment and effects of the V-type infection with the 117th Long Distance Research Fleet. The fleet was attacked by the Vajra and it is presumed that she was among those that perished.

Mao's life story was also partially told in the movie "The Bird Human", where she was played by Ranka Lee.

She was later identified as Sheryl Nome's grandmother after a letter addressed to her was found in one of the ruined ships of the ill-fated fleet. Sheryl's treasured earrings once belonged to her.

After Macross Frontier Edit

In recent events following Macross Frontier, it was announced that a side story will be made from the perspective of Mao Nome, revealing that she was still alive.

After the major Vajra attack, Mao was taken as one of the prisoners and was experimented on by the alien species. Mao was the first to be infected with the Var syndrome and was the only successful test subject who adapted the virus, resulting in a symbiotic relationship. Mao reverted back to her younger appearance as a side effect, but at the cost of losing all her memories. The Vajra then forced her into a cryogenic capsule. The capsule was fold capable and was launched to be discovered by the 41st Long-Distance Colonization fleet as the Vajra constantly monitors her development from afar.[citation needed]


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