There is no single, official map of the Macross universe, which would show various political entities, fleets, their destinations, etc.

However, most recent Macross series and movies show at the beginning of first episode or such a short animated map, showing how different colonization fleets have left Earth and their progression. Even at high resolution, however, some details are not clear, and the maps quickly zoom in on the region involving the main one or two fleets featured in the story, leaving the details and fates of others unclear. Further, the animations are distorting time to some degree, ex. they show fleets launching from Eden colony nearly instantly, while presumably years if not decades would be needed to build them up.

Resources (timeframes of map shown in various episodes):

  • Macross Plus: no map
  • Macross 7: no map
  • Macross Frontier, Episode 1: 00:24-00:36 (roughly the same as the following movie one)
  • Macross Frontier Movie 1: The False Songstress: 02:01-02:10
  • Macross Delta, Episode 1: 00:32-00:43

Links to other maps, screenshots, etc:

  • Several screencaptures from Macross Frontier: [1]
  • Two slightly annotated maps from Macross Delta: [2], [3]

Analysis of the Macross Frontier animated map:

  • year 2012 shows the following fleets launched from Earth:
    • SDF-02 Super Dimensional Fortress Megaroad-01
    • SDF-03 Super Dimensional Fortress Megaroad-02
    • SDF-05 Super Dimensional Fortress Megaroad-04
    • SDF-07 Super Dimensional Fortress Megaroad-06
    • SDF-10 Super Dimensional Fortress Megaroad-09
    • SDF-14 Super Dimensional Fortress Megaroad-13
    • SDF-01 New-Macross Class Aircraft Carrier Macross01
    • SDF-03 New-Macross Class Aircraft Carrier Macross03
    • SDF-05 New-Macross Class Aircraft Carrier Macross05
    • SDF-07 New-Macross Class Aircraft Carrier Macross07
    • SDF-25 New-Macross Class Aircraft Carrier M-Frontier


  • missing Megaroads (3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13). According to the timeline and story of Macross 7 Megaroad-13 should have roughly preceded Macross 7 to its general destination (part of the galaxy).
  • it is clear not all of them were launched in 2012, some lie Macross-7 or M-Frontier were launched much later. The year, according to the timeline, corresponds only to the launch of SDF-2 Megaroad-01.
  • SDF-XX fleet (?) numbers can be reused. SDF-01 for example can apply to New-Macross-class Macross 1 launched in 2030, but also original SDF-01 Macross. Even on the animation SDF03 can refer to Megaroad-02 and New-Macross Class Macross 3.

The animation focuses then on Megaroad-04 which is shown to reach a new planet, unnamed at first but later identified as Eden, still with the year 2012 attached to it. Year then switches to 2013 and a number of fleets launch from Eden instantly:

    • SDF-06 New-Macross Class Aircraft Carrier Macross06
    • SDF-09 New-Macross Class Aircraft Carrier Macross09
    • SDF-11 New-Macross Class Aircraft Carrier Macross11
    • SDF-15 New-Macross Class Aircraft Carrier Macross15
    • SDF-17 New-Macross Class Aircraft Carrier Macross17 (two of them!)
    • SDF-19 New-Macross Class Aircraft Carrier Macross19
    • SDF-20 New-Macross Class Aircraft Carrier Macross20
    • SDF-21 New-Macross Class Aircraft Carrier M-Galaxy
    • SDF-23 New-Macross Class Aircraft Carrier Macross23
    • Problems:
    • Macross-17 clearly is used for two fleets that seem to split (?) shortly after launch
    • We can now count missing New-Macross ships that should have been shown: 02, 04, 08, 09, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26 and later. According to New Macross-class Macross 09 was briefly mention in audiodrama so it should exist.
    • M-Frontier and M-Galaxy are the only ones given codenames

The animation than zooms in on M-Frontier and M-Galaxy closing in on one another.


    • half of the ships are not shown for whatever reasons, assuming they were launched at all.
    • Macross 5 and 7 are shown departing roughly in the same direction, which makes sense as they would make contact later (Macross 7 story). Later their path is obscured and seems to take them beyond the animation.
    • Megaroad-1 seems to veer back towards Earth and then stop. It is passed by in a relative vicinity by Macross-23.

Analysis of the Macross Delta animated map:

coming soon

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