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Michael Blanc (ミハエル・ブラン Mihaeru Buran?) is Alto's classmate and comrade. He is a brilliant sniper and is a considerable ladies' man. (His first name is also spelled Michel, or Mikhail).

Macross FrontierEdit

A wannabe womaniser, he lost both of his parents at a young age and was raised by his sister Jessica Blanc, who was a pilot and expert sniper in the New UN Spacy, after being court-martialed under suspicion of intentionally firing on a comrade she had been having an affair with, she committed suicide, Michael however was not alone as he still had his close friend Klan Klang, a Zentradi who would play with him as a child in her macronized form. Following in his sister's footsteps, he also became a pilot and expert sniper (though he joined the private military organisation SMS rather than the New UN Spacy). (F: "Friendly Fire")

He went to Mihoshi Academy with his fellow pilot Luca Angelloni, however the two kept their job in the SMS a secret from their other friend and stunt flier, Alto Saotome.

Mikhail and his friends were assigned as backup performers for Sheryl Nome's concert, where he chats up some performers, they however were forced to train in the forest.

During the Vajra attack, he sees non-SMS pilot Alto fly a VF-25. (F: "Cross Encounter")

He is sent by Ozma to track down Ranka after she runs away from home. He finally spots her, he attempts to get her to talk by buying her an ice cream. There he spots Sheryl kissing Alto. (F: "Star Date")

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