Miranda Merin (ランダ・メリン Miranda Merin?) is a character that appears in the Macross Frontier television series. She went to middle school with Nanase Matsuura and became the winner of Miss Macross Frontier. She later portrayed Sara Nome in the Bird Human movie along side Miss Macross Frontier runner up, Ranka Lee.


Miranda went to middle school with Nanase Matsuura. When they met at the Miss Macross Frontier contest, she thought her friend was going to compete too but in fact Nanase was just there to support Ranka Lee. (F: "Miss Macross") Miranda later portrayed priestess Sara Nome in Bird Human. (F: "Legend of Zero")


  • She is based on and possibly a descendant of the similarly conceited character, Jamis Merin, who competed in the first Miss Macross contest.