Myung Fang Lone (ミュン・ファン・ローン Myun Fan Rōn?) is one of the main characters of the Macross Plus OVA and its compilation movie. She is Sharon Apple's "producer" and is the shared love interest of Project Super Nova pilots Isamu Alva Dyson and Guld Goa Bowman.


Prior to the events of 2040, she attended high school with Guld Goa BowmanIsamu Alva Dyson and Kate Masseau. She was very close to Guld, and Isamu. She became a brilliant singer and was called the star of the school festival.

After the trio of friends went their separate ways, she became the manager of the artificially intelligent pop sensation, Sharon Apple, but because Sharon's programming was incomplete, Myung would use her brainwaves to control Sharon at concerts.


Both of her friends were now rival pilots as part of Project Super Nova. During a pre-concert broadcast, Myung led out Sharon Apple which caught the attention of Guld who was watching the broadcast at the New Edwards Flight Center mess hall. After rehearsals for the concert Myung travelled to Starhill, to which Lucy and Isamu were also planning on going, as the location reminded him of Myung he initially hesitated to go there. At sunset, Myung met Guld at Starhill, and she commented that it hadn't changed during the seven years Myung and Guld had been apart and that both of them had moved up in the world. She invited Guld to the concert prompting Guld to hug her, at that moment, Isamu and Lucy drove up to Starhill for their date, and Isamu was thrown to the floor by Bowman who attempted to punch him until Myung quickly stopped Bowman. Bowman vowed not let Isamu keep destroying things whether Myung or the project. Afterwards, Myung told Isamu that she was not the girl he left behind years before. Due to their reunion with Myung, both Guld and Isamu would experience flashbacks involving her at the crucial moment they were supposed to be testing their variable fighters' missile avoidance and air battle performance. This would give Guld a pyrrhic victory of the test as both their fighters plunged to the ground.(Plus: "AD 2040")


Guld Goa Bowman