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Myung Fang Lone (ミュン・ファン・ローン Myun Fan Rōn?) is one of the main characters of the Macross Plus OVA and Macross Plus Movie Edition. She is Sharon Apple's producer and is the shared love interest of Project Super Nova pilots Isamu Alva Dyson and Guld Goa Bowman.


Prior to the events of 2040, she attended high school with Guld Goa BowmanIsamu Alva Dyson and Kate Masseau. She was very close with Guld, and Isamu. She became a brilliant singer and was called the star of the school festival.

After the trio of friends went their separate ways, she became the manager of the artificially intelligent pop sensation, Sharon Apple, but because Sharon's programming was incomplete, Myung would use her brainwaves to control Sharon at concerts.


Guld Goa Bowman

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