This article is about the faction officially known as the New United Nations Government. For the faction occasionally referred to as the new United Nations Government post-Space War I, see United Nations Government#History

The New United Nations Government also known as the New Unified Government (NUN) is a loose political federation whose capital is the planet Earth. It was founded after Space War I a first contact -that went wrong- with the Zentradi. The catastrophic conflict caused the loss of about 6 billion out of 12 billion people of their population. Nevertheless, humans eventually achieved peace, becoming a prominent civilization among the stars by the time 2047 due to aggressive breeding and cloning and colonization program they manage to make population 750 billion by the time 2067 there population was 1.4t rillion with Zentradi halfing 600 billion it it to 1 trillion and other alien races making it 3 trillion making new United Nations population that many sentients.[citation needed]

NUN military force is the New United Nations Spacy (NUNS).

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