Northampton-class Stealth Space Frigate are spacecraft featured in the Macross Plus OVA as well as the Macross 7 and Macross Frontier television series.[1]

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

With a total length of 250 m, and an operational mass of 1200 tonnes, the Northampton-class are smaller than the carrier-class ships they usually protect. They are more mobile and stealthy, and operate in large numbers. They are also often used for reconnaissance missions.[1]

A modified version of this class is sometimes referred to as the Bolognese-class.


  • Bifors Anti-Air Anti-Ship Beam Guns, Rammington Anti-Air Laser Guns, Bifors Anti-Ship Missile Systems, others.

Mecha AboardEdit

  • 37 x VF-171 Nightmare Plus variable fighters

Known vesselsEdit

By 2045, over 9,000 Northampton Class Stealth Space Frigates built. The class was still in mass production as of 2059, by which time it was the most common type of spaceship constructed by humanity.

Macross 7 FleetEdit

37th Long Distance Colony Fleet had 120 ships of that class, including Bluenose, Bolognese, Bolognese 003, Bolognese 005,Bolognese 006, Carla 009, Lucy, Stargazer

Macross Frontier FleetEdit

Known ships in the [55th Long Distance Colony Fleet]] included: Glendale FFM-805, Amagi FFM-860, Century FFM-796, Eden FFM-810, Arc Broom FFM-832, Furious, Bluewhale FFM-866, Starline.


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