OverTechnology is the general term for the technologies derived from the research of Alien Star Ship 1 (ASS-1), otherwise known as the SDF-1 Macross.

The Protoculture, the originator of OverTechnology appear to have emulated the Vajra to create it.

List of OverTechnologiesEdit

Composite Material WingEdit

Used in the main wings of the YF-21.

Energy Conversion ArmorEdit

The standard armor of Variable Fighters, Energy Conversion Armor is powered by the excess power generated by the engine or power source of the vehicle. Early Variable Fighters, like the VF-0 could only operate Energy Conversion Armor in Battroid mode with the strength of Tank armor but later Variable Fighters with more powerful reaction engines could operate it in all modes.


  • High-Maneuver Missile
  • Micro-Missile


Railguns were first used by the SDF-1 Macross and the HWR-00 Monster, and later the VB-6 König Monster and the SSL-9B Dragunov Sniper Rifle used by the VF-171 Nightmare Plus and VF-25 Messiah.

Super Dimensional EnergyEdit

Faster-than-light capable devices that use Super Dimensional Energy, energy derived and utilized from a sub-universe parallel to our own. It is used in various OverTechnologies such as Space Fold Drives, Super Dimension Energy Cannons and Thermonuclear Reaction Engines.

  • Space Fold Drive
  • Fold Communication
  • Cross-Dimensional Radar / Cyclops
  • Super Dimension Cannon

Gravity ControlEdit

The primary purpose of a Gravity Control generator is to create Artificial Gravity aboard space ships. These devices can also be used to allow large vessels to over a planet's surface.

Thermonuclear ReactionEdit

An extremely efficient power source, similar to Nuclear fusion but does not require nuclear material as a fuel source. Described pair-annihilation, the reaction is easily maintained in a plasma state through the use of super dimension spatial theory.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Many of the technologies of Overtechnology are stables of Science Fiction, such as Hyperspace and Artificial/Anti-Gravity.



For the Robotech equivalent, visit Robotechnology.

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