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A Varja larvae on the ship?

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The Queadluun-Rhea is a modernized reproduction of the original Queadluun-Rau made by General Galaxy.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit


  • Mauler LPG-30/3R 30mm Anti-Air Tri-Barrel Laser Pulse Gun
  • Bifors AA-55/QD 55mm Medium-Bore Impact Cannon
  • Bifors AA-76/QD Anti-Ship impact cannon
This weapon is similar to the back cannon of the Nousjadeul-Ger Battle Suit.
  • Bifors Missile Launcher Pod
The Queadluun-Rhea has four of the these pods integrated to the sides of the knees and back; these fire numerous short-range super-miniature high maneuverability missiles.

Special Equipment & FeaturesEdit

  • Inertia Vector Control System
  • Partial BDI
  • Shinnakasu Industry/L.A.I FAB-1000 fold booster



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