Ray Loverock (レイ・ラブロック Rei Raburokku?) is a former UN Spacy Variable Fighter pilot turned leader and keytarist of the rock band Fire Bomber. He was also the founder of Sound Force.

Personality & CharacterEdit

In his youth, Ray was quite hot-headed and had a nasty habit of rushing into the fray when out on a sortie. Ray later retired from being a UN Spacy pilot after a fateful mission that claimed the life of his friend and wingman, whose death he feels responsible for.

As the leader of the band Fire Bomber years later, Ray has mellowed and became sensible, serving as a father-figure to Basara Nekki and also gives advice to Mylene Flare Jenius from time to time. His past is filled with regrets but he has found new meaning in life with music.

Though he still keeps in touch with his military acquaintances, Ray has no intention of returning to the army. In fact, he refuses to handle any and all kinds of weapons, even for self-defense.[1][2]Even so, he still encourages Basara to use missiles in dire emergencies, connecting it to an analogy of having an umbrella in case it rains.[3]

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

As a member of an elite squad of pilots, Ray's skill is undoubtedly top-class.

Years later, his knowledge and skills haven't dulled in the least despite his new path as a keyboard player since he also taught certain people the basics of piloting Variable Fighters, including the biker gang leader Rex.


In his younger days, Ray used to be a member of the elite Pink Pecker squad alongside his friend Stephan and under the command of Kinryu. Stephan was shot down in one mission, leading to Ray abandoning his piloting career.

From that point on, he has worked several odd jobs including construction.


Akiko Houjoh

Ray has known Akiko for years and they had a little history together. The two started talking again on a regular basis after Akiko's company started promoting the band.


Notes & TriviaEdit

  • A Macross 7 Plus short entitled "Ray & Akiko & Stephan &…" shows the three in their younger days, vacationing at a log cabin in the countryside. Stephan took a nap inside the cabin while the two lounge outside. As they watch the sunset, Akiko reveals to Ray that Stephan proposed to her, but wanted to hear what Ray has to say about it. Ray insists that Stephan would be a good match for her as opposed to a hothead like himself. In the end, Akiko went with Stephan because he was honest with his feelings, unlike Ray.
  • In Macross 7: Encore's second episode "On Stage", Ray's dramatized story in the show "Coffee Break" was slightly accurate, only he did not become a wandering street performer with Basara, nor did he try to have Basara adopted to a stable family.