Re-Entry Pods (大型降下ポッド Ōgata Kōka Poddo?) are trans-atmospheric transports featured in the Super Dimension Fortress Macross television series.[1]

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Re-Entry Pods are large pods used for transportation, serving as landing boats. Besides storing combat equipped Regults and their pilots, each Re-Entry Pod can be equipped with ammunition and a complete set of accessories for the Regult. A Re-Entry Pod can be operated regardless of being inside or outside of the atmosphere.[2] A Re-Entry Pod usually stores between 20 to 25 Regults.[3]

Each Re-Entry Pod has a length of 94.8 m, a height of 35.5 m and a mass of 1720 metric tons. In addition to the gravity control engines, each Re-Entry Pod is equipped with fourteen underside boosters that run along the circumference of the body as well as many Vernier Thrusters.[3]

Four landing legs are installed in the body of a Re-Entry Pod. When a Re-Entry Pod is descending, the landing legs are transformed. Even though they look thin, they are durable enough to support the craft, even when it is fully loaded.[3] The mechanism for deploying the legs involve first extending and rotating the legs then splitting the "feet" then rotating the "feet" so the flat side is on the bottom.[1]


Space War I

  • Re-Entry Pods leaving the Quiltra Queleual-class Landing Ship Tank.
On February 7, 2009, after Vrlitwhai Kridanik saw the disorganization of the primitive species that somehow possessed legendary reaction weapons and managed to restore a downed Supervision Army Vessel, a Zentradi soldier informed him that the Gnerl Fighter Pods had pinpointed their targets and were launching. After the Gnerl Fighter pods left the Quiltra-Queleual-class Landing Ship Tank, the Re-Entry Pods were also launched from there. The Re-Entry Pods carried many Regults, Regult Heavy Missile Carriers, Regult Tactical Scouts and Regult Light Missile Carriers through Earth's atmosphere to South Ataria Island. (SDFM: "Boobytrap", "Countdown"")


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