Scatter on Stage (拡散 オンステージ Kakusan Onsutēji?) is Mission 17 of Macross Δ. It first aired on Tokyo MX and BS11 in Japan on July 24, 2016.


Chaos' first act to retake the Brisingr Cluster from the Windermere Kingdom is to return to planet Voldor and infiltrate the Protoculture ruins to get them to react to Walküre's songs before collecting the data. To throw the Windermerian defenses off-guard, Chaos sends a virus throughout the Galaxy Network in the guise of a live Walküre concert while making money at the same time through online app purchases. The scheme goes as planned, but Freyja begins to show her feelings toward Hayate while the rest of the group show concern about Mikumo's change in performance. After a brief confrontation with N.U.N.S. pilot Robert Kino, Hayate confronts Arad on why he should not be involved with Windermere, only to learn of his father's past.

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