Sense Emergence (感覚 エマージェンス Kankaku Emājensu?) is Mission 18 of Macross Δ. It first aired on Tokyo MX and BS11 in Japan on July 31, 2016.


Delta Squadron and Walküre arrive on planet Voldor, which has changed in climate since its Protoculture ruins had risen from underground. However, the Aerial Knights arrive within the planet's orbit as a security measure. Freyja is nabbed by Qasim, who apparently has a falling out with the rest of the Aerial Knights. They quickly bond over an apple barbecue due to Freyja being from a village near Qasim's apple farm. Qasim also nabs Hayate, but he lets him and Freyja go, as he is unsure of what he is fighting for. Later, Delta Squadron and Walküre reach the ruins, triggering a dogfight between Delta Squadron and the Aerial Knights. The singing battle between Walküre and Prince Heinz results in major fold wave disruptions all over the Brisingr Cluster.

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