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Sheryl Nome

SherylNome-1 F-1

Anime Macross Frontier
Game Macross 30: The Voice that Connects the Galaxy
Voice Actor
Japanese May'n
Species Human
Hair Color Strawberry Blonde
Gender Female
Love Interests Alto Saotome
Yasaburō Saotome

Sheryl Nome (シェリル・ノーム Sheriru Nōmu?) also known as the Galactic Fairy is one of the main characters of Macross Frontier.


Sheryl was to perform at the Macross Frontier space colony as part of her tour. She encounters Alto Saotome who is a backup performer for her concert. After an attack by an alien species on the colony, her fans try to escape this devastating attack while she drives off safely with Grace and Catherine in a limousine, aggravating Alto due to the fact that Sheryl bears no thought in her heart for her many fans. (F: "Cross Encounter")

AltoSaotome-Na SherylNome-Na F-2

Alto with Sheryl



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