Sivil ( シビル , Shibiru?) is a Protodeviln with a female, humanoid form. She was awakened from her sleep in the prison of Varuta by Gigile and senses powerful Spiritia from the Macross 7 fleet.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Sivil first seems to be unfeeling and relentless, focused only on gathering Spiritia for self-preservation.

But after encountering Basara Nekki, Sivil becomes fascinated by him. The former's "Anima Spirita" drives her into a frenzy that she herself describes as a feeling of ecstasy. Not knowing what to make of it at first, she tries to get closer to Basara by possessing Rex and Akiko Houjoh.


Sivil is first seen on the battlefield, wiping out entire squadrons of variable fighters in a single attack.

Basara himself becomes intrigued by her, and hopes the power of his song will be enough to turn her away from evil. This sparks a rivalry between Basara and Gigile , one that would see the latter realizing the error of his ways, and sacrificing himself for the greater good. Sivil herself falls under a deep sleeping state, and is awoken towards the end of the series. She too realizes the error of her ways, and fights against the Protodeviln.



  • Though marked as "?" in the end credits, Sivil's voice actress is Akiko Nakagawa, who also plays the Flower Girl in the same series.
    • This is used as a sort of inside joke, as Sivil initially intended to possess the Flower Girl to get near Basara, but after the latter fell and disappeared from view among the crowd, she went with Akiko Houjoh instead.