Sivil (シビル Shibiru, Sybil) is a Protodeviln with a female, humanoid form. She is awakened from her sleep in the prison of Varuta by Gigile and senses Spiritia from the Macross 7 fleet.


Sivil is first seen on the battlefield, wiping out entire squadrons of variable fighters in a single blow. She becomes greatly interested in Basara Nekki due to his powerful Anima Spiritia, a potent sound energy that drives her into a frenzy.

Basara himself becomes intrigued by her, and hopes the power of his song will be enough to turn her away from evil. This sparks a rivalry between Basara and Gigile , one that would see the latter realizing the error of his ways, and sacrificing himself for the greater good. Sivil herself falls under a deep sleeping state, and is awoken towards the end of the series. She too realizes the error of her ways, and fights against the Protodeviln.

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