Space Fold (スペース·フォールド Supēsu Fōrudo?) is the third episode of Super Dimension Fortress Macross.


The Captain of the Macross is forced to make a quick decision due to the relentless attacks of the enemy. Using alien technology that humanity has not yet been able to test, the Macross makes a space fold near the Earth's surface, above South Ataria Island. Little do they know the consequences this desperate action will have.[1]


Act OneEdit

The Macross is making its maiden voyage into space, Roy Focker follows in his VF-1S Valkyrie, calling out Hikaru Ichijyo's name, he supposes that all the excitement is too much for him. Roy informs Misa Hayase that he has to go back for VT-102 and its pilot on South Ataria and tells her that the pilot, Hikaru, is actually a civilian, much to the shock of the Misa and the Macross Operators. On the Island, VF-1As are fighting the Regult mecha. Hikaru tries to get out, looking at the giant alien but his attempt to the VF-1D to move fails. Focker comes back for Roy and detaches the cockpit with Minmay and Hikaru sitting inside. He snugly fits it onto the arm of his VF-1S. Transforming for takeoff, the cockpit sits underneath the VF-1S in GERWALK/Fighter mode. The VF-1S escapes the Zentradi Regult mecha chasing it.


Roy Fokker escapes with the VT-102 cockpit that has Hikaru and Minmay inside.

The Valkyries board the Macross. Misa is suspicious why the Zentradi haven't used their full fire power, Captain Global shares the same suspicions, believing the Zentradi are simply toying with them. The Roy's VF-1S rushes towards the VF-1S, Hikaru refuses to come aboard the Macross with Roy but Roy insists that they will die if Hikaru and Minmay return to the island, Minmay also worries about her aunt and uncle but Roy tells her that the shelters can even survive a nuclear blast. Misa sees the last Valkyrie to come to the ship and laughs at Hikaru, the civilian pilot. She is offended when Hikaru asks Roy who the old lady is, the rest of the Bridge, even Captain Global, laugh.

The last Valkyrie lands in the ship. The Regult platoon also retreats and Britai and Exsedol order the fleet to prevent the Macross from folding. Roy transports the traumatized Hikaru and Minmay across the ship. Hikaru thanks Roy when Roy shows that the Fan Racer is safe.

BrunoJGlobal-2 SDF-3

Global orders the Macross to return to Earth.

The ARM carriers prepare to dock with the Macross but they are destroyed by the Zentradi fleet. Vanessa locates the source from the same location as before. Captain Global orders Claudia to make the Macross look like it is returning to the island but fold as soon as they are there. 

Hikaru and Minmay prepare the return to Earth in Hikaru's plane as the Macross comes closer to the Earth, Hikaru ignores the ship-wide warning that the are about to fold. The Macross executes the space fold, not only does the ship fold but its surroundings including the island and the surrounding ocean. Britai and Exsedol observe from orbit, they are shocked that the ship is executing a fold near the planet's surface. Vanessa detects a small object beneath the Macross. It is not the far side of the moon as Captain Global intended but South Atalia Island. Hikaru and Minmay are experiencing temperature of outer spaces and are losing oxygen which Hikaru tries to hide, they navigate through the debris to reach the Macross which is being attacked by Reguld.

Trying to find a way in, Hikaru blasts a hole in the side of the ship and is safe. The bridge learn that they are are in the orbit of Pluto. Global thinks they can simply fold back but receives a call from the engine room, the Fold System has disappear, the bridge crew are scared and Global lights his pipe, saying it's going to be a long trip.






Notes & TriviaEdit

  • This may have been corrected in some remasters, but there is an artwork error in a frame where Roy escapes with the cockpit that has Hikaru & Minmay inside. The remains of Hikaru's VF-1 is shown to still have a cockpit.



For the Robotech equivalent, visit Space Fold (episode).

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