Spiritia is a term first introduced in Macross 7. It is a form of energy generated by all living things - from plants to humans and Zentradis (A sort of life force).


The Protodeviln, an ancient space-faring alien race, who have not realized their ability to generate spiritia by themselves, depend on spiritia, and thus consumes the spiritia of other beings (i.e. humans and Zentradi). If deprived of Spiritia, a Protodeviln will wither and eventually die. When the spritia of a person is taken, the person will fall into a state of coma. However, scientists have discovered that a person's spiritia can regenerate through listening to Fire Bomber's music. Something in the lead vocalist Basara Nekki's voice helps restore a victim's "life force".

The most powerful spiritia is the Anima Spiritia, an energy source too pure for the Protodeviln to absorb. The ultimate goal of Protodeviln, however, is to create a renewable source of pure spiritia, a concept termed, "Spiritia Dreaming".

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