Star Singer (星の歌い手 Hoshi no Utaite?) is Mission 25 of Macross Δ. It first aired on Tokyo MX and BS11 in Japan on September 18, 2016.


Chaos has failed to destroy the Protoculture Center and have lost Mikumo to the Kingdom of Windermere, but they recover the flight recorder of Wright's VF-22, revealing that he was a spy and he had deviated from his mission to destroy the planet's Protoculture ruins; instead, he dropped the dimensional bomb elsewhere to keep casualties to a minimum. Berger arrives and discusses about Mikumo and the effects of Delta waves. Meanwhile, Lloyd plans to have Mikumo sing at the newly risen Star Stage on Ragna and N.U.N.S sends a fleet into the Starwind Sector, armed with dimensional weapons. The Macross Elysion heads to Ragna for a final showdown with the Kingdom of Windermere. To display the might of the kingdom, Heinz commands Mikumo to sing the Song of the Stars, infecting the N.U.N.S. fleet with the Var Syndrome and causing them to detonate the dimensional bombs on themselves, resulting the annihilation of the whole N.U.N.S fleet.

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