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resource center. We are interested in the contribution of official information, not player profiles which are completely fictional. Please head over to Deculture: The Macross Fanon Wiki if you are interested in fanmade Variable Fighters.

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Featured Article
This trimester's Feature Article is on the VF-1S Valkyrie.
VF1S-Strike Fighter-GERWALK-Battroid

The VF-1S Valkyrie is a variable fighter featured in the Super Dimension Fortress Macross television series, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? movie and The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Flash Back 2012 OVA. It is the variant used by squadron leaders, most famously Roy Focker of the elite Skull Squadron... Read more.

Latest News
Macross Δ (Delta) Blu-rays

All 9 volumes of the Blu-ray release.

Macross Δ (Delta) Blu-ray Contents

Contents of Volume 1 of the Blu-ray release.

Macross Delta Anime's 1st Blu-ray and DVD Will Have English Subtitles!

Amazon is currently listing the first Blu-ray disc and DVD volume of the Macross Δ anime television series with an option for English subtitles. The second through ninth volumes of the home video release are also listed on Amazon, but they do not currently list English subtitles.

The limited edition of the first Blu-ray Disc and DVD volume will go on sale on July 22 for 7,344 yen (about US$66) and will contain the first three episodes. The volume will include the "Mission 0.89" version of the first episode that aired last year, as well as an exclusive "Mission 01+" version. The volume will also include a flash anime with chibi characters, audio commentary featuring the anime's staff and cast, a 40-page special booklet, an art box and inner jacket with illustrations by Macross Δ character designer Majiro, and a sleeve case with illustrations by "Macross visual artist" Hidetaka Tenjin.

Additionally, the official website of Bandai Visual is listing a set for the nine volumes of the home video release. The set will go on sale on July 22 for 70,200 yen (US$630) with the special limited edition of the first volume only (the special limited editions of the other eight volumes will ship on their respective release dates) and will include a 1/72 scale plastic model. The specs listing for the set mentions English subtitles, but doesn't specify if each volume will have English subtitles.

Source: Anime News Network, Gwyn 注意!マクロスΔネタばれあり!@GwynCampbell



Macross Delta TV Anime Introduces Its Female Idols

The official website for Macross Delta, the next television anime in the Macross science-fiction anime franchise, has posted several new character profiles of the idol group Walküre (and several for Delta Squadron since this was announced). The website now has character profiles for the story's idols, along with a full-length trailer of the series.

Be sure to check the Macross site for more information, along with several planned figures and merchandise that will be released to coincide with the new show.

Source: Anime News Network

Shoji Kawamori, The Creator Hollywood Copies But Never Credits
Forbes writer, Ollie Barder, recently had a conversation with Shoji Kawamori. Kawamori is responsible for the creation of the original Macross, from its iconic mecha designs to its story and setting, this was then used later as the basis for Robotech. He would also contribute several designs for the original Transformers.

They discussed his the upcoming Macross Delta, and talked about his creative process and how everyone seems to copy.

Source: Forbes

A conversation with Shoji Kawamori.

Macrossworld speaks with "Vision/Creator" Shoji Kawamori

Macrossworld's very own Gwyn "Tochiro" Campbell recently visited The HENKEI – Shoji Kawamori’s Design Works Exhibit, located at the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum in the Hyogo Prefecture, for a special lecture with series' creator Shoji Kawamori. The talk covered a variety of topics, which included Kawamori's inspiration for the original VF-1 Valkyrie, his evolving design philosophy, and his appreciation for the classic Gerry Anderson series, Thunderbirds.

The original exhibit was open to the public in July 3, 2015 – October 26. 2015, and highlighted Kawamori's lengthy career in the industry, from Macross, Cyber Formula, to most recent Aquarion spinoff.

Source: Macross World

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