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Featured Article
This trimester's Feature Article is on the VF-1S Valkyrie.
VF1S-Strike Fighter-GERWALK-Battroid

The VF-1S Valkyrie is a variable fighter featured in the Super Dimension Fortress Macross television series, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? movie and The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Flash Back 2012 OVA. It is the variant used by squadron leaders, most famously Roy Focker of the elite Skull Squadron... Read more.

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『劇場版マクロスΔ 激情のワルキューレ』本予告

『劇場版マクロスΔ 激情のワルキューレ』本予告

Macross Delta Film Announced!

At a Macross Delta film announcement event on Monday, Macross franchise creator Shoji Kawamori unveiled the title and opening date of the film project. Gekijō-ban Macross Delta: Gekijō no Walkūre (Macross Δ Movie: Passionate Walküre) will open on February 9, 2018. (The terms for "theater" and "passion" are homonyms in Japanese — "gekijō.") The film will recompile scenes from the television anime with new scenes to tell a different story, to maximize the storytelling potential of the shorter runtime but larger medium. It will have at least one new song and enhanced battle sequences.

Source: Anime News Network

マクロス35周年 東京スカイツリーとコラボレーション

マクロス35周年 東京スカイツリーとコラボレーション



Macross's 35th Anniversary at the Tokyo Skytree Shows Off Brand New Animation


  1. Original 35th Anniversary Movie
  2. Sheryl x Ranka Music Video of “Good Job”
  3. Uta Macross Skytree Original Live Show
  4. Take a Photo with Sheryl and Ranka
  5. The Tembo Gallery

Source: Anime News Network