The United Nations Government (地球統合政府 Chikyū Tōgō Seifu?) is a fictional organization in the official timeline of the Macross anime series. The United Nations Government was formed by the members of the United Nations during the aftermath of the crash of a Supervision Army ship in 1999.[1]


As they have a Prime Minister, they are presumably a parliamentary republic.



In June, 2000 the United Nations decided to reveal the existence of aliens to the world. This eventually led to conflicts in the Middle East breaking out in the following month, among the first many conflicts what would later be named the "Unification Wars". In December, the plan for a global political government, the United Nations Government was officially announced to the world. [2]

In January, 2001 a group of nations opposed to the plan to unite humanity formed the Anti-U.N. Alliance. Nonetheless the plan went ahead and in February, the United Nations Government was established, as was the United Nations Military. The same month, reconstruction of Alien Starship One into their Earth's first interstellar vessel, commenced.[2] The first Prime Minister was Harlan J. Niven.[citation needed]

Unification Wars

By May, 2001, the series of conflicts had escalated into the Unification Wars.[2]

Space War I


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For the Robotech equivalent, visit United Earth Government.

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