Uraga-class escort carriers are spacecraft featured in the the Macross Plus OVA, and the Macross 7 and Macross Frontier television series.[1]

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

With a total length of 550 m, and an operational mass of 25,000 tonnes, the Uraga-class is a large vessel, a successor to Guantanamo-class, combining characteristics of a carrier and anti-ship cruiser. Vessels of this class have been known to operate as a flagship of a small fleets, and as defense platforms docked to civilian ships in larger fleets.[1]


Bifors Anti-Ship Anti-Air Beam Gun, Bifors CIWS Laser Phalanxes, Bifors Anti-Air High-Manoeuvrability Missile Systems, many others.

Mecha AboardEdit

  • 65 to 75 Aircraft[1]

Ships of the LineEdit

In Macross 7 fleet, Uraga-class ships were docked to amusement vesslels Riviera's (CV-404 "Uraga"), and the ship Hollywood's (CV-406 "Brampton").[1]

Macross 7 FleetEdit

37th Long Distance Colony Fleet had 20 ships of that class, including:

  • Uraga
  • Brampton

Macross Frontier FleetEdit

55th Long Distance Colony Fleet had following ships of that class:

  • Fahrion
  • Velagulf
  • Rakayou
  • Magellan
  • Keiga
  • Vandeglift


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