Cross Overs are connected to Macross.Many things are unexplained in Macross.The colonies and their amount of power and after Macross era.They are all descendants of Macross.Gundam is from Macross and could be top secret technology as we are not satisfied with Hiro but want Rick or some Robotech pilot experts to pilot them.We believe Macross and Gundam are connected but not explained properly.Gundams happened and made a comeback after 80's to make new Gundams.They were after the Invid and probably meant towards the Haydonites who were Robotech's next enemy.Use gundams in robotech as there are. No one thought of how much power original Robotech Defense Force had and they did not disappear after Southern Cross.The weaponry on a gundam is laser beams.In Gundam there are missiles and other explosives and are gundam's weaponry.Haydonites.What would SDF-1 do against the Haydonites?Well another important one is that there is a professional script lost that puts the SDF-1 vs Star Trek as enemies.Star Blazers had their vs Enterprise and theirs the robotech one. They need to be explained as I have searched for Star Trek vs Robotech.Enterprise and other starships fire their phasers on SDF-1.Then the SDF-1 sends out fighters to attack.Macross forces though fought all out war on Zentraedi and mergered with Zentraedi.They developed new technology as SDF-3 which is a Zentraedi ship made as Robotech Forces.Gundams with robotech pilots.They would not fly as gundam pilots could do reverse and fly veritechs.I guess in cartoon to activate the weaponry and get moves and new characters,get Gundam into robotech storyline.Maybe robotech should have bought gundam and made a new series with gundams and veritechs.What about surviving fleets of Macross that avoided Zentraedi holocaust and made new Macross Colonies.The Southern Cross is on alien world of Gloire.Gloire should be explained and is the home of Nova Satauri and the Southern Cross.What of everyone's favourite characters and expanding on them instead of a guest appearance.Well gundam would have gotten rid of our worries if it was robotech.Bring in veritechs and more unfinished stories.In Japanese and subtitles for North America audience.English Subtitles which modern robotech has changed to.

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