This past weekends Anime Expo 2009 had a panel discussion titled, Robotech Past, Present, Future. The following was revealed,

Warner Brothers has acquired the rights to produce a live action Robotech film with Tobey Maguire, Akiva Goldsman and Jason Netter attached as producers.
File:Macross genessis
File:Robotech live action movie trailer
It was also confirmed that Warner Brothers has hired, Ian Fleming Award winning novelist, Tom Rob Smith as a screenwriter for the live action film, joining previously announced writers, including Lawrence Kasdan, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. Smith wrote the New York Times bestselling novel Child 44. Though not definative, it seems likely it will be a Macross-based film, with Tobey McGuire-longtime Robotech fan, playing Rick Hunter, but that's just a
File:Robotech Genesis teaser
File:Robotech Genesis
guess. The robotech movie would be way better if they could do Macross with If they made the space ships and mechas with computer graphics and models with alot of action and a story vs Zentraedi to do Macross with alot of battles and to Transform.SDF-1 would beat the Argo on screen.Do missiles and lasers effects.Add more actors with pilots attitude to put in our favourite pilots like Star Blazer's Conroy but not called Conroy.Macross makes noises and they should study the Macross.VF-1 Valkyrie is a break from so much Star Wars.Finally an earth military fighter.Many powerful contributors.
Genesis Macross01:07

Genesis Macross

Genesis Macross
Rick could be played out better by Christian Bale.He would add to Rick Hunter and play out the responsibilities.He would bring out more Rick and make the motion picture better.

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