This is a work in progress

This is a collection of references to Gundam that I find in Macross.

Super Dimension Fortress Macross

SDF-1 Macross - SCV-70 White Base

_-_-_ The antagonist factions, the Zentradi and the Principality of Zeon, have green as their primary color for their "mook" mecha designs.

Both of the protagonists, Hikaru Ichijō and Amuro Ray, are caught in the middle of a enemy attack and they fight for the first time using a mecha/giant robot they stubbled upon duirng the battle. They both later enlist into their respective militaries. This goes for Alto Saotome as well.

Macross Frontier

VF-27 Lucifer - MS-06 Zaku II

  • with a light green color scheme.

VF-27γ (gamma) Lucifer

  • 27 is a Perfect Cube 27=3^3=3*3*3. That's alot of 3's.

The has a red color scheme and extremely high performance compared to the normal .

Brera Sterne - [[1]]

  • Rival to the protagonist and pilots a red, high-performance Variable Fighter.
  • Is later revealed to be the lost older brother of the protagonist's love interest.

Ranka Lee - Sayla Mass

  • Love interest to the protagonist.
  • Adopted into a different family and is a part of the protagonist's group faction, the Earth Federation/White Base and the NUNS/Macross Frontier

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